The "Chopping Technique"

My online course for all Levels of Violin or Viola Players! Learn How to Groove Like a Beatboxer on Your Instrument – From Basics to Pro ->  COURSE LINK


  • The Basics: Everything you need to know to start chopping!
  • The Triple Chop: A unique technique to make your chopping grooves even more exciting!
  • Incorporating the Left-Hand Pizzicato into Your Patterns!
  • Incorporating the Left-Hand Slap into Your Patterns!
  • Various grooves and patterns with sheet music for violin and viola to practice your chopping!
    Creative ideas and a collection of sounds you can use as building blocks to create your own grooves and patterns!

The Chopping Technique for Violin and Viola Players!


Are you familiar with the chopping technique? This method allows us string players to transform our instruments into mini drum sets, adding a powerful backbeat or complex accompaniment to our music. Whether you're playing solo, in a band, or in an acoustic ensemble, chopping can elevate your performance with a unique groove.

Course Aim: This course is designed to help you master the chopping technique. You'll gain a deep understanding of how it's done, receive practice material, and learn to create your own grooves and compositions. Additionally, it's an excellent way to improve your timing and rhythmic skills, as well as refine your bow grip and control. And of course, it's a lot of fun, believe me!!

Course Content:

  • Basics Explained: Step-by-step instructions on creating the chop sound.

  • Creating Your First Groove: Fundamental exercises to get you started.

  • Advanced Techniques: Including the triple chop, left-hand pizzicato, left-hand slap, playing subdivisions, and more.

  • Practice Material: Sheet music for various lessons available in the download section.

With years of experience in chopping, I have experimented and created numerous patterns for solo arrangements, loop station performances, my string quartet, and other bands. In this course, I share everything I know about the chopping technique!

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